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Microsoft Security Copilot

The Satori platform provides you with the ability to integrate with Microsoft Security Copilot. Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI cybersecurity solution that empowers your team to defend at machine speed with generative AI.

Security operations teams use Microsoft Security Copilot to catch what others miss, outpace adversaries and strengthen team expertise. For more information about Security Copilot click here.


The Satori Microsoft Security Copilot Integration

Integrating Microsoft Security Copilot with Satori enables copilot to access your organization's data security posture information. This powerful integration will help you surface risks and investigate security incidents. Satori exposes specific APIs enabling copilot to query data from your account, such as Posture Manager.


Setting Up Copilot in Satori

To setup the Microsoft Security Copilot integration with Satori, perform the follwing steps:

  1. Go to the Satori management console and select the Settings from the kabab menu.
  2. Now, select the Integration view and click on the Microsoft Security Copilot Integration tile.
  3. Click the Generate Credentials button to create OAuth credentials for copilot to access your Satori account. (Copy the credentials because you will need them later).
  4. Click the Download Plugin File button to download and save the copilot plugin file.
  5. Go to Microsoft Security Copilot and click on Manage Plugins.
  6. Click the Add Plugin button and select the Security Copilot plugin.
  7. Click Upload file and upload the plugin file you downloaded from Satoris.
  8. In the Set up Satori Data Security Platform form, paste the Client ID and Client Secret values you copied earlier. Do not change or edit the other input fields, as they are already configured for you.

You are now ready to start using Satori with Microsoft Security Copilot.