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Data Stores Overview

Securing data starts with an understanding on where data is stored. Satori connects to your cloud accounts and continuously monitors for new data stores that are not yet monitored or otherwise protected by Satori.


Supported Cloud Providers

Satori is constantly striving to expand support for all leading cloud providers and data store vendors. Currently, we support Amazon Web Services and Snowflake organizations.


Coming Soon

  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

Connecting Your Cloud Accounts

Connect all of your cloud accounts to Satori and receive notifications for all of the new data stores and data assets added to them.

Scanning your Cloud Accounts

Once you have successfully connected your cloud accounts to the Management Console, Satori enables two types of scans; an automatic, self-adjusting scan designed to detect new data stores more quickly and a manual scan.

The Management Console provides you with notifications when new data stores and/or data assets become available when they are added to your cloud accounts.

NOTE: Newly discovered data stores appear as red tab notifications icons in the navigation view toolbar.


Available Data Stores

You can either add the available data store to your data stores list or ignore the data store which will then remove the data store from the available data store list.


Currently, Satori supports multiple data store vendors with plans to provide even more in the future.


When considering the security posture of the cloud data environment, a key component is to keep an up-to-date inventory of the data stores and data assets available to users.

Data Stores - Coming Soon

To receive more information about these data store vendors contact us at or reach out to your Satori representative.