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Google BigQuery Guide (Beta)


Support for Google BigQuery is in private beta, available for select customers. To get access for the beta, please email us at

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Satori. What you need is access to Satori's management console.

Adding a Google BigQuery Data Store to Satori

  1. Login to Satori's management console at
  2. In the Data Stores view, select Add Data Store.
  3. Select the Google BigQuery option.
  4. Enter an informative name for the data store, for example: Sales Data Warehouse.
  5. Choose the public cloud provider and region for the Satori Data Access Controller.
  6. To limit this data store to specific GCP projects specify the desired project IDs or leave empty to support any project.
  7. Click Create. You will be redirected to the Data Stores list.

Connect to Google BigQuery via Satori

To connect to Google BigQuery using Satori use the Satori hostname that was generated by the management console which can be found under Satori Hostname in the data store settings view, for example:

Connecting with the JDBC Driver

The Simba JDBC driver for Google BigQuery is not yet supported.

Connecting with Python

To connect with Python set the api_endpoint field in the client_options parameter of the Client function. For example:

client = bigquery.Client(project=project, credentials=credentials,
        'api_endpoint': ''

Connecting with Java

To connect with the Google BigQuery Java SDK, call the setHost method on the object. For example:

BigQueryOptions.Builder builder = BigQueryOptions.newBuilder().setCredentials(credentials).setProjectId("<MY PROJECT>");
BigQuery bigquery =;