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Satori Customer Hosted


Satori Customer Hosted (Satori CH) is designed for organizations that want full control and ownership for operating every aspect of their Satori Customer Hosted deployment infrastructure.

The customer is responsible for all downloading, deploying, upgrading and maintaining the Satori Customer Hosted software solution.

In addition, the customer is also required to maintain the infrastructure for supporting Satori CH.


Before Satori CH is deployed in the customer environment, Satori must first approve and authorize each Satori DAC deployment.

Monitoring the Satori CH Deployment Status

To monitor the status of your Satori CH, go to the Satori product interface and select the Settings section and then click on the Data Access Controller (DAC) view.

Downloads and Upgrades

Satori enables you to download and upgrade Satori CH with ease. Simply click on the Satori CH name to access the Upgrade Settings. You can upgrade, download or install the latest version of Satori CH according to your organizational requirements.

Downloading Satori Customer Hosted

The deployment package contains a Helm chart that is generated by the management console for each Satori CH DAC.

The package contains a readme.txt document with detailed installation instructions.

Satori Product Version Releases

New versions of Satori products are made available on a weekly basis. Go to the Release Notes to learn more.

Satori recommends that you regularly update your software, to enjoy new features, bug fixes and upgrade the security patches.

Managing Satori CH

To easily manage Satori CH, Satori provides you with a management application that enables you to perform various debug and maintenance operations directly on the Satori CH deployment.

Accessing the Satori CH DAC Management Interface

To access the Satori CH DAC Management interface perform the following tasks:

  1. Select the Settings from the kebab menu located on the top right side of the application header.
  2. Now, select the DAC's view from the navigation sidebar
  3. (Snowflake only) Click the hyperlink that appears after the name of your DAC instance in the table to access the Snowsight interface.


Satori CH DAC Management Functionality

  • Configuration Reload - In the event that the Satori DAC detects an invalid configuration via the Satori Management Console, Satori will maintain the last valid configuration and not update to a newer version. The interface allows you to restore the DAC update mechanism.

  • Upload Logs - When performing a troubleshooting session with a Satori engineer you may be required to upload your DAC log files to a dedicated storage location. The log files are automatically deleted after 30 days. Screenshot

  • Log Level Change - Satori engineers may also require that you change the log level for one of the modules, the log level will reset itself to the default state. To change the log level, click on the small icon next to the DAC name, and not the DAC name itself:


  • This will take you to a log configuration page for the DAC. During a troubleshooting session, a Satori engineer will provide you with specific information: