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Universal Inventory

Satori’s Universal Inventory will dynamically create an inventory of the organization's data, featuring the built-in Satori classifications. The universal inventory provides a holistic view of the org's sensitive data & access patterns and is augmented by powerful navigation, filtering and search functions.

How it works

Unlike traditional solutions the Satori inventory does not require periodic scanning or database credentials, by analyzing queries & data traversing the Satori Data Access Controller, the system is able to generate the inventory model as well as classify the accessed data.

How do I activate it?

Universal inventory is enabled by default, inventory will be created once database queries are generated via Satori.

Classification management

Classification is performed automatically when data traverses the Satori Data Access Controller by analyzing queries and results, the classification is based on algorithms which utilize data, schema and ML based methods. The classification engine will alleviate most of the manual toil involved in maintaining an up to date inventory, Incases where the data owner is required to manually fine tune classifications, the inventory view also serves as an interface for adding / removing classifications.

On classification change, user is prompted with an edit box to provide reasoning for the classification change, the change is audited and available via the system audit view.