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Data Security Posture Management

Unified visibility into data access, access permissions, and database and cloud permissions

The Problem

The problem of data security and posture management is multifaceted and can be addressed with the following questions.

  1. Who has accessed or run queries? and on which data tables or assets?

  2. Who has access permissions? and to which data?

  3. Which of my cloud resources have what types of access attached to them?

  4. Are my data assets and access permissions secured by Satori?

  5. Which of my cloud resources have no controls in place?

All of these questions as well as many more are typical questions asked by organizations both, small and large.

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Faced with an ever-increasing volume of both data assets as well as requests to those assets, organizations typically responded to these dilemmas by doing the following:

  • Allowing no one to access data, resulting in productivity loss, or,
  • Allowing too many people to access data, resulting in increased security risk.

The Solution

Satori manages all aspects of your structured data so that your security team has full control over the data access and the access management process.


Satori Data Security Platform helps security and engineering teams streamline data access by automating access controls, security and compliance requirements across their data infrastructure.

Monitor your Organizations Data Usage

The Satori Dashboards provides you with an overview for all your organizations data usage and compliance with the data access policies that you have defined.


Track your Data Access Audits

Obtain complete, uniform and searchable data access audits for all cloud data repositories with full user, access and data context.

Satori Audit Log of all queries executed against your data assets.

Audit Detail

Creating Preset Report Views

Once you have configured the filters for a specific view, click the Views button located on the right side of the toolbar and then Save.

Audit logs and Dashboard view filter configurations can be easily customized and saved as presets. Saving your security team time and effort for repeatable audit queries.


Utilizing the Access Manager View

The Satori Access Manager shows you at a glance which users and groups have access to which data, for how long, and with which security policies.

This view into your permissions includes a powerful search mechanism across all users, groups, datastores, and datasets.


Leveraging the Power of the Posture Manager

The Satori Posture Manager shows you who has underlying permissions to your datastores, whether or not these permissions are even needed any longer, and whether or not there are duplicate permissions in your underlying datastores.

Access Manager