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Posture Manager

Posture Manager analyses and track your organization's user permissions over time and provides you with a holistic overview of specific user access to data assets.


Satori Posture Manager helps security and data engineers quickly understand who has access to what data and how, by continuously monitoring user permissions to data assets across your entire data infrastructure.

NOTE: User asset access activity is calculated for the last 30 days from the date selected.

How Does It Work?

Satori periodically scans your monitored data stores and collects permissions information and analyzes which users have acces to which data assets and provides the user data access path to the data assets.

Authorized Users Graph

The authorized data assests graph displays the current status of your data assets, as well as the previous authorized data assets status.

Use the two graphs to help you uderstand and improve your security posture of authorized access to your orgainzations data assets.


Governed Data Assets Over Time

The Governeed Data Assets Over Time graph displays the data assets that are authorized to users and included in a dataset.

Use this table to visiually track the amount of governed data assets over time.


Time Stamp

Utilize the timestamp function to observe historic user permission configurations to better understand and remedy data access breaches and misconfigurations.


View Role Hierarchy Per User

View the users roles used to access a specific data store data asset. In addition, you also see the classification categories and duplicate permissions utilized by the user to access the same data asset.