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Satori Private SaaS


Satori Private SaaS is a dedicated virtual private cloud environment for individual customers, segregated from the Satori SaaS. Each Satori Private SaaS DAC is deployed in its own virtual private cloud environment that is completely disconnected from any other workload. Customers manage all deployments from the Satori management console as a single pane of glass.

Customizable Security and Connectivity Options

Satori Private SaaS is a good fit for customers with high security requirements that still want to enjoy the flexibility and operational efficiency of vendor-managed infrastructure.

In Private SaaS deployments, customers can choose from a variety of customized security and connectivity options to ensure their existing requirements are kept.


Dedicated Private Cloud Infrastructure

Satori Private SaaS provides customers with a dedicated private cloud for each customer deployment, even if the underlying infrastructure is a public cloud like AWS, Azure or GCP.

Satori Private SaaS is the preferred option for customers that require their data and infrastructure to be protected by the best possible security at multiple levels.