Reduce Data Operations Complexity

Satori streamlines and reduces the complexity of data operations for handling access to sensitive data. Therefore, data operations become a key business enabler, contributing to faster business outcomes. Additionally, data engineering can deliver faster services with best-in-class security and access management.

Business Enabler

Data Operations Become a Key Business Enabler

With Satori, security and access control are decoupled from the data infrastructure and managed directly by business owners. Satori’s DataSecOps solution accelerates data democratization processes and simplifies data operations allowing for delivering business outcomes faster.


Improve Data Services

Satori streamlines and automates the data access process, reducing the data engineering resources required for administering the data access. As a result, your data engineering teams can focus on delivering better data services, while Satori enables self-service access when appropriate for data scientists, analysts, and business users.

Security & Access

World Class Security & Access Management

With Satori, you move away from the ad-hoc partial or complicated solutions to access management and data security. Instead, you gain world-class security and access management capabilities, including enriched data audits, universal security policies, and simplified fine-grained access control.

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