Data Access Auditing & Monitoring​

Satori enables you to have enriched and useful data access audits that easily work out of the box. In many cases, native audit logs often lack some metadata which then needs to be added. In addition, depending on the data platform, native audit logs may require specific configurations to enable logging and their investigation.

Universal Data Access Audit

Maintaining audit logs across multiple data stores can be painful, especially when different technologies are involved.

Satori enables you to view, analyze, and report on your data access audit logs in a single location without any cumbersome setups.

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Understanding the Context of Data Access

There are many challenges when trying to understand data access for analytics, compliance and incident response when adding the contextual information to access requests.

Satori provides out-of-the-box enriched metadata about all access to all data stores. This includes identity groups, the database locations accessed and what types of sensitive data were accessed.

Analyze Enriched Audit Data at Scale

When investigating specific audit entries is not enough, a larger data analytics scale is required to generate custom reports, identify behavior anomalies, and use data access information in dashboards.

Satori enables customers to consume the data access audit into external data warehouses like Snowflake and then apply analytics directly on their audit data as a structured database.

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