Posture Management

Know who has access to what data within the organization, at all times. Satori’s Posture Manager monitors the authorization of users to data across all of a company’s data stores to proactively eliminate data breach risks.

Scan Permissions to Data

The Posture Manager powered by Satori’s open-source Universal Data Permissions Scanner scans all data permissions across all of your databases, data warehouses, and cloud data. The ability to observe all permissions enables organizations to understand who has access to what data within the organization at all times.

Analyze Data Access

Posture Manager provides analytical insights on top of the scanned permissions and KPIs to track your data security posture. This enables you to continuously improve your data security posture where it matters the most and ensure that your security policies are up-to-date.

Data Store Discovery

Connecting Satori with your cloud account lets you find all your data stores to ensure you apply data access control to them. This helps you combat “shadow data”, or rogue data stores added by teams who didn’t go through data and security team permissions processes.

Easily Manage Risk

Visibility of all access permissions across all data stores gives data and security teams the ability to eliminate over-privileged users. Removing permissions from over-privileged users reduces the security risk and ensures that your organization remains compliant.

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