Higher Data Engineering Productivity

The road to a successful data operation involves an efficient data engineering process. Satori ensures that your data engineers are productive without being burdened by manual requests to access sensitive data.


Happier & More Productive Data Engineers

When data engineers are constantly bombarded with support tickets to process requests for data access manually, they become less productive in their core responsibilities and get frustrated.
With Satori, repetitive tasks such as enabling dynamic masking and allowing access to data no longer require data engineering resources, making data engineers happier and more productive.


Faster Data-Driven Projects

Satori makes sure that the mundane data engineering tasks such as creating data access views, granting and revoking permissions, and setting roles are eliminated from the data engineering teams’ agendas. Data-driven projects encounter fewer bottlenecks, as the users can access data faster, and your organization can drive business outcomes more quickly.

Security & Compliance

Higher Maturity of Security & Compliance

Data engineers should care about security, but they are not necessarily security experts. By decoupling security from the data infrastructure with Satori, companies can meet security and compliance requirements more efficiently across all of your data stores and business.

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