Satori for Security

Gain control and visibility over data access and security policies, leading to reduced risks and increased security & compliance.

Security Teams Lack
Visibility and Control

on Data

Security teams lack visibility and rely on other teams to apply access controls across data stores. This introduces security and compliance risks, as well as causing security teams to become growth blockers.

Gaining Visibility and

on Data with Satori

Satori provides the most comprehensive Data Security Platform, providing full visibility on data access and security, as well as dynamically applying security policies, all from a single platform.

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Business Impact of Satori’s Data Security Platform

Risk reduction

Clear visibility on data security and data access, as well the enforcement of all security requirements on all data significantly reduces data security and compliance risks.

Security events time-to-investigation

Logs enriched with all access to data, including full context such as identities, purpose and sensitive data accessed, results in less time spent on investigating events.

Time spent on compliance

 Continuously updated data inventory, including sensitive data locations, full data access logs, reports of users’ data authorization & access, reduces time spent on compliance projects.

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Security Teams' efficacy

Key Capabilities

Data Access Control

Satori efficiently manages your security policies to accelerate data-driven impact while meeting security & compliance requirements. Satori universally applies security policies to all your databases, data warehouses, and data lakes without changing your data model.

Posture Management

Satori monitors the authorization of users to data across all of a company’s data stores to proactively eliminate data breach risks.

Auditing & Monitoring

Satori centralizes all your data access logs in one place, adding additional metadata, such as applying detailed identity and security policies, helping you extract value from data access logs and meet and exceed your compliance and security requirements.

Data Classification & Discovery

Satori continuously discovers and classifies data assets and sensitive data (PII, PHI, Financial data and more) across all your databases, data warehouses and data lakes. Satori eliminates manual configuration by dynamically applying security policies when accessing data.

Dynamic Data Masking

Satori anonymizes data dynamically according to security policies, users, roles and datasets. Masking does not depend on the underlying database, nor does it require writing additional code or making changes to your databases, data warehouses and data lakes.

Key Use-Cases

Data Security Platform

Protect sensitive data in the cloud while increasing efficiency and time-to-value.

Data Access Control

Universally apply security and access policies to enforce secure data management.

Data Compliance

Quick and easy compliance, greater productivity and lower costs.

Read More About How Satori Enables Security Teams to Meet Security & Compliance Requirements Efficiently

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Satori’s Posture Management Capability 

Security teams use posture management to analyze sensitive data authorizations to improve data access posture. This also makes compliance audits and forensic investigations easier and more efficient. 

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CCPA & CPRA Compliance with Satori

Satori’s automated access controls and auditing and monitoring capabilities enable data security teams to meet and exceed security and compliance requirements efficiently.  


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Meeting HIPAA Requirements with Satori  

Satori enables security teams to ensure compliance with HIPAA’s technical safeguards while saving resources and increasing operational efficiency.

Gain Visibility and Control Over Security & Compliance

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