Meet Regulatory Compliance & Security Requirements

Satori lowers the risks involved in accessing sensitive data and delivers on the security and regulatory compliance requirements for RFPs, audits, and security reviews. Security is decoupled and managed separately from the data infrastructure for higher efficiency.


Discover and Classify Sensitive Data Continuously

Instead of cumbersome data mapping projects, Satori continuously discovers sensitive data such as PII, PHI, or financial data and masks it at query run-time. Access to sensitive data is secured through role and attribute-based access controls, and regulatory compliance reports are produced with a complete audit trail in an automated manner.


Enforce Data Security Without Business Disruption

Without Satori, enforcing security policies and compliance guidelines requires substantial engineering resources that can delay data, security, or compliance projects. Further, Satori does not force data consumers to change their data model, architecture, or how they work with data.


Automate Data Access Policies

Satori allows you to streamline and automate your data access policies, including fine-grained data access controls, approval workflows, and self-service access to data as required. With these capabilities, you can set your policies on autopilot and free up your resources to concentrate on minimizing risks.

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