Secure & Well-Governed Data Access With a Simple Integration

Simplifying access to sensitive data does not need to come at the cost of intrusive product integrations, creating additional database objects, or changing the way your data consumers access and use your data.

Setup in Minutes Instead of Months

Onboarding to Satori does not require writing database views, creating new objects, getting database credentials, or pre-configuring new datasets before accessing them.

Instead, setup is configured in minutes but can still be gradual with security policies applied incrementally over time.

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It’s That Easy:

No Changes to Your Data Platforms

Legacy data access solutions require that multiple objects be added to your data platforms to deliver fine-grained access control and enable faster access to data. These objects can be views, functions, or additional users and roles.

Satori implements data access capabilities, including fine-grained access control, in a transparent manner without making any changes to your data stores.

No Agents or Drivers

In some cases, legacy data access or data governance solutions require replacing database drivers with alternate drivers or installing endpoint agents.

On the other hand, Satori does not require any such changes but rather uses the existing connections and does not use any surplus drivers or credentials for authentication.

No Changes to Your Queries

In some cases, legacy data access or data governance solutions require accessing different objects than your existing ones. These can be various databases, schemas, or views corresponding to the existing tables.

In other cases, you might even need to change your SQL queries, as there can be differences in the SQL dialect of the governance solution and your data platform.

Satori does not require any such changes and uses the existing connections and SQL dialect without requiring any changes to the existing queries.

Control Using UI, API, or Terraform

Satori is a simple yet powerful tool. It is meant to be used and loved by engineers and business users alike. To enable users to control data access effectively, you can manage Satori using the web UI, the corresponding REST API, or our Terraform provider.