Decentralized Data Access Workflows​

Organizations need to expose data to their users in a secure way. However, if access control is a labor intensive process for the data engineering it can be slow and painful. Satori enables the organization’s data owners and data stewards to control data access in a decentralized manner.

Data Owners Can Now Control Access

Data owners or data stewards are in charge of managing the organizations metadata for the data they own as well as authorizing access to that data. Often, these requirements or approvals are implemented by data engineering or IT teams, slowing down the time-to-value for the data projects.

Satori enables data owners or data stewards to directly manage access to their data in a simple, code-less way. This means that data access is provided faster, while saving precious data engineering time, without sacrificing on security.

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Simplify Data Access Approval

In many organizations, there is an inherent complexity when allowing users access to data, which slows down productivity. If a data scientist requires access to a certain customer demographics dataset, gaining access can take valuable time and can require opening IT tickets or enlisting the help of the data engineering dept.

Satori allows data consumers to request access to datasets and provides data owners with a simple method to approve these requests. The data owners can manually limit access in real-time, apply security policies such as dynamic masking, or configure user access to be automatically revoked after a certain period.

Make Data Accessible With Self-Service Data Access

It’s important to limit uncontrolled access to data and to define a clear policy for users who should receive access to the data upon request. The self service policy is designed to add an additional safeguard for data access and ensure that users are accessing the
data with a justified business objective.

Satori enables data stewards to configure users or groups who can request access to data and be granted automated access after providing a business justification. This enables data consumers to receive maximum value from data while maintaining satisfactory compliance.

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