Healthcare and Life Sciences

Secure Access to Sensitive Data in Minutes with DataSecOps

Business Challenge

Your data footprint grows every day with new first-party and third-party data coming in. Your customers have trusted you with their most sensitive personal data about their identity including name, date of birth and social security number and details of their health records including height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar as well as past and present health conditions, prescriptions and treatments. As a custodian of the highly sensitive PII and PHI data, you must protect it to meet all of the regulatory requirements and honor customer’s privacy preferences, while continuing to provide access to the data for data scientists, analysts and engineers in a timely manner to drive insights and innovation. Satori’s DataSecOps platform is purpose-built to address this challenge.

Why HealthTechs and Innovators in Healthcare and Life Sciences Love Satori

“Satori’s service is a real game changer for DataSecOps, providing both control and visibility over data compliance and security issues across multiple data stores. We were able to deploy Satori quickly because it does not require making any changes in existing data flows.”

Arun K. Buduri

VP Engineering, IT & CISO

Need to Know Access without Slowing Down Innovation

You want to move from open for all data access to need to know access to protect sensitive PII and PHI data. Satori powers the need to know data access while ensuring that data scientists, analysts, and engineers can use the data effectively to drive innovation and growth. Learn more about Satori’s Fine-grained access control

Accelerate Migration to Cloud with privacy and security for sensitive data

You are driving the digital transformation across your organization to decrease the cost of care, improve collaboration, make data-driven clinical and operational decisions, and enable faster development of new therapeutics and treatment paths. Moving data and workloads from on-premise to cloud is part of that transformation. The migration often includes PII and PHI data as data scientists need the data for building and improving analytics patterns and machine learning models. 

Satori secures sensitive personal and health data while ensuring that data scientists, analysts, and engineers can use the data effectively to drive innovation and growth. Learn more about Satori’s decentralized data access workflows here

Full audit trail and out-of-box reports for regulatory compliance

As a regulatory compliance leader for your healthcare or life sciences organization, you want the visibility and reporting of where sensitive personal and health data is stored, who is accessing it and when it is updated or deleted upon customer request. At present, you need to follow-up with data engineers and platform owners for data store to extract the logs and have the report compiled manually for compliance with various consumer data protection laws including state-wise legislations such as California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), Colorado Privacy Act(CPA) and international laws such as EU GDPR and China’s PIPL regulation. The Right To be Forgotten (RTBF) compliance as a part of these regulations requires documentation of the original request from the consumer, along with a detailed audit trail confirming that the consumer information across all data stores was deleted.

With Satori, you no longer need to rely on the manual analysis of database logs and ad-hoc compilation of reports that are often plagued with errors and oversights. Satori’s DataSecOps platform tracks every request for data including the user requesting the sensitive data, which fields were included in the request, if the fields were partially or completely masked and which requests were declined due to the data access policy in effect.  Satori also provides out-of-box reports tracking sensitive personal and PHI data access across all of your data infrastructure and from every client including all of your BI and Analytics platforms. With Satori, you can find patterns of anomalous behavior in data access, such as an engineer querying the database to access a customer’s full postal address or date of birth, or customer support personnel trying to query large number of customer records with social security numbers, date of birth and other sensitive information. Learn more about Satori’s re-gulatory compliance reporting here

How Satori Delivers DataSecOps for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Discover and tag sensitive PII and health data continuously

As a data engineering and platform leader, you no longer need to rely on siloed data classification solutions for each data store or wait till the batch runs to find and tag sensitive PII and financial data. Satori identifies and tags sensitive data regardless of where it resides in your data infrastructure. Satori’s dictionary, pattern matching, rule-based and machine learning algorithms discover and tag sensitive data continuously, with no configuration required from the data team

Add custom classification for sensitive PII or health data

Satori provides predefined classification taxonomy based on best-practices for protecting sensitive data in financial services. Satori also supports custom classification, so you can identify, tag and protect data types unique to your organization. Data stewards responsible for the data domain can define the custom classifier such as employee id, customer lifetime value (CLV), identify security policies related to the access for the data and have it applied consistently across all data stores without any additional configuration.

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Mask sensitive data at query run-time with Zero Configuration

No need to create copies of data, custom views, schema or user-defined fields and say goodbye to writing scripts or maintaining custom code for masking or obfuscating sensitive data. Satori frees up data engineering cycles spent on creating and maintaining custom data masking solutions for each store or for each BI and analytics platform accessing the data. Sensitive PII and financial data are masked at query run-time with no changes, customization or configuration required for the data store or the client such as your BI and analytics platform accessing the data.

Implement fine-grained data access policy as a code

Stop wasting valuable time and resources from the data engineering team on finding solutions for each type of security policy needed for each data store – row, column, role or attribute-based access control. Satori delivers fine-grained security control with an intuitive GUI to configure all of the data access policies. Want to deploy security policies as a code? Satori Terraform Provider is an open-source implementation of the Satori API (which you can find on GitHub) that allows data engineers to implement users’ data entitlements in a declarative way so that data access and security can be automated, replicated, reverted, and integrated into existing data infrastructure deployment processes.
Define the policies once, and have those applied to all your data stores, and across access from all BI and analytics platforms – no need to reinvent the wheel every time!

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