Continuous Data Discovery & Classification

Satori enables organizations to discover sensitive data and classify it continuously, and apply security policies as data is being accessed. Satori automatically classifies the data into predefined PII, PCI, PHI categories out-of-the-box without the need for configuration, as well as the ability to define your own custom data types unique to your organization. 

Apply Security Policies Automatically

Data access security policies often have to be configured specifically for locations where sensitive data is stored. This means that a process is required that first maps out the sensitive data and then configures the data access policies.

Satori allows you to set security policies directly on data types, which are automatically applied whenever sensitive data is accessed.

A Data Inventory That’s Always Up To Date

Data across organizations’ data platforms is constantly changing and periodically mapping the sensitive data is ineffective as it leaves gaps in time where the location of sensitive data is unknown.

Satori continuously applies data classification algorithms to detect sensitive data and builds a data inventory.

Data Catalog Integration

Organizations often use data catalogs that act as a single source of truth for managing the metadata in the organization.

Satori enables you to integrate with such tools, either to continuously feed them with data classification data or to apply Satori security policies based on the data catalog configuration.


Custom Data Types Discovery

Organizations often have data types that are specific to that organization’s data model. For example, a customer identifier or localized data types.

Satori enables you to define a custom classification taxonomy tailor made to your organizational requirements. In addition to defining the data types, you can configure continuous discovery of such data.


Product Capabilities