Satori for Data
Analytics Teams

Seamless data sharing and collaboration among teams through frictionless access control with data protection built-in.

Enabling Data To
Users Is Hard

Data teams want to accelerate time-to-value from data. Needing to wait on data access because of manual processes and security, privacy & compliance requirements often slows them down. 

Enabling Fast & Secure
Data Access with Satori

Satori’s Data Security Platform provides data users with a self-service portal for quick access to data across all their platforms, with security and compliance built-in.


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Business Impact of Data Enablement

Faster time-to-access for users

Users get faster access to data so they can start working on it sooner to generate better business outcomes.

Faster time-to-value from data

Users extract value from processed data faster, through convenient data access using a self-service data portal.

More successful data projects

Your users’ data access journey is simplified, enabling you to succeed in more data-driven projects.

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Key Capabilities

Self-Service Data Access

Satori grants users access to data on diverse analytic and production environments through automated workflows without writing SQL code. Accelerate time-to-value from data while reducing time wasted by data admins and users.

Data Access Control

Satori efficiently manages your security policies to accelerate data-driven impact while meeting security & compliance requirements. Satori universally applies security policies to all your databases, data warehouses, and data lakes without changing your data model.

Dynamic Data Masking

Satori anonymizes data dynamically according to security policies, users, roles and datasets. Masking does not depend on the underlying database, nor does it require writing additional code or making changes to your databases, data warehouses and data lakes.

Key Use-Cases

Data Security Platform

Protect sensitive data in the cloud while increasing efficiency and time-to-value.

Data Access Control

Universally apply security & access policies to enforce secure data management.

Data Sharing             

Expand data use and gain a productive and competitive advantage while keeping data secure.

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Does Data Security Have to Reduce Productivity?

Satori’s Data Security Platform automated data access enables data sharing across teams so that data analytics teams gain access to data faster boosting productivity.

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Automated Data Access Requests in Salesforce with Satori

Satori improves data analytics teams productivity through its seamless integration with Salesforce. Integrating Salesforce and Satori results in streamlined data access and faster time-to-value from data.

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Automating Access to Data Enhances Customer Engagement & Trust

Your data consumers rely on quick and easy access to data to generate time-to-value. Automating access ensures that your customers gain access to data quickly and securely. 

Enable and Accelerate Data Sharing

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