Satori for Snowflake

Streamline data security and access in your Snowflake and embrace DataSecOps

DataSecOps for Snowflake

Satori helps customers streamline access to data in Snowflake by automating access controls and security. With Satori for Snowflake, data teams can implement a wide variety of access controls and enforce security and compliance policies without writing code or changing existing data flows.

How It Works

Self-service access to data in your Snowflake Data Cloud

Whether you are working with self-service access, role-based access controls, or attribute-based access controls, Satori thoroughly manages access without any added code and without modifying your current data flows. With Satori, analysts, data scientists, and engineers can access the data they need quickly and without complex user and role configurations while simultaneously ensuring that security and compliance policies are enforced.

Security, compliance, and privacy operations for Snowflake

Satori seamlessly integrates into your data operations and automatically applies security, compliance, and privacy policies in Snowflake. Satori identifies and tags PII and other sensitive data, applies relevant policies, and generates compliance reports.

Granular security without code

Satori enforces granular security controls such as row-level security, column-level security, and masking and anonymization. Controls are managed through APIs or an intuitive user interface and do not require changes to your clients, data, or Snowflake configuration.



Self-Service Data Access

Just-in-time, secure, and compliant data access with automated workflows.

Distributed Data Stewardship

Delegate data access management and assign business owners to datasets.

Data Access Audit

Complete data access audit with identity and data context including built-in reports for compliance and security.

Data Inventory

Autonomous data inventory with built-in data classification.

Data Classification

Out-of-the-box, real-time classification and tagging for sensitive data powered by ML for structured and semi-structured data.

Universal Data Masking

Masking, anonymization, and data reduction profiles applied to known and unknown locations of sensitive data.

Data Access Policies

Implement row-level and column-level security based on attributes such as users, groups, data types, schema, and tables.

Users Directory

Organize your Snowflake users by access groups and scale your RBAC implementation without writing code.


Yes. Satori does not abstract your data or modify your interface or protocol for accessing data.

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