Immuta vs. Privacera

Compare Immuta and Privacera, and discover why Satori beats the competition as the best Data Security Platform for data teams. If you’re on the lookout for Immuta or Privacera alternatives, see how we compare so you can confidently make the switch to Satori.

Why choose Satori over Immuta or Privacera

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Satori provides first-class support for modern data stores and cloud environments, including multi-cloud environments. Privacera, built on Apache Ranger, is optimized for legacy Hadoop environments. Immuta lacks support for operational data stores and full functionality around BI tools.

Satori’s datasets automatically pick up new tables and apply policies based on user access rules. Privacera’s policy engine is complex to configure and hard to maintain. Immuta requires considerable maintenance – in many cases, policies need to be managed on each table individually.

Deploying Satori takes days to weeks, depending on deployment method. Immuta’s implementation takes weeks with orchestration, or months with database views, which require significant change management. Privacera, due to its open-source nature, requires extensive deployment, configuration, tuning and customization efforts.

Satori protects many SQL and NoSQL operational data stores without requiring any changes to your schema or permissions, thus not impacting your production workloads. Privacera only supports PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server by translating Apache Ranger policies to GRANT/REVOKE statements. Immuta doesn’t support operational data stores at all.

Satori continuously scans and analyzes data as it is accessed in real time, including semi-structured data. Neither Immuta nor Privacera support classification or masking of semi-structured data.

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Masking, Done to Perfection

Satori dynamically anonymizes, redacts and masks data without using SQL views or changing anything on the data store. Satori automatically classifies data and applies masking policies even when the data changes.

  • Simple masking rules based on data types not columns
  • No need to update masking rules as data changes

Self-Service Data Portal

Your users can gain access to the data they need, fast. Use the Slack integration for requesting and approving access to data.

  • Central access hub for data owners and users
  • Support temporary access and automatic revocation
  • Manage access via the Data Portal app, email or Slack

PII? We Got You Covered!

No need to boil the ocean with expensive scans that slow down your databases and jack up costs. Satori classifies data in-transit and continuously builds a comprehensive data inventory.

  • Supports PII, PCI and PHI data types
  • Discovers new sensitive data fast
  • Supports semi-structured data types


Manage access to data with flexible policies based on an RBAC or ABAC model, regardless of the features supported on the data layer.

  • Supports Okta, AzureAD and other Identity Provider integrations
  • Imposes powerful policies that are simple to write

An Audit Log You Can Actually Use

Satori’s audit log allows you to obtain a complete, uniform and searchable data access audit for all data stores with the full user, access and data context.

  • No impact on database performance
  • Rich query, result set and user information
  • Centralized audit logs without burning your cloud budget

Confidently store, use, and share all of your data, including sensitive PII, PHI, and financial data.

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