Immuta vs. Privacera - Why Satori is the Ultimate Choice

If you’re on the lookout for Immuta or Privacera Alternatives, we’d like you to consider Satori

Satori’s Data Security Platform:

  • provides data security controls across databases, data lakes and data warehouses
  • is simple and easy to manage
  • requires no changes to the underlying data, schema, data stores or how your users interact with data.

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Satori vs. Orchestration Solutions

Using Satori’s Data Security Platform offers the following advantages over traditional orchestrated solutions.

Satori offers wide coverage of data stores including Snowflake, Redshift, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, CockroachDB, Athena, Azure Synapse, Greenplum, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, S3, and more.
When choosing a data security platform, you want to use a solution that has broad coverage, allowing you to easily add more stores in the future.

Self-Service Data Access
Satori enables organizational users to choose datasets simply  via a data portal or through integrations with tools such as Slack, Jira and Salesforce. Your users now have an automated process to request and access data.

Just-in-Time Data Access
Satori provides the capability to grant temporary access to users. This access is automatically revoked when no longer needed.

Data Awareness
Satori analyzes data as it is accessed. Unlike orchestration solutions Satori can discover sensitive information on-the-fly and immediately act on it.


Fully Functional SaaS & Customer Hosted Deployments
Satori is available both as a SaaS and a Customer Hosted version. Both versions run the exact same data access controllers resulting in full compatibility between deployments, as well as flexibility during migrations and changes.

Deploying Satori requires no changes in queries or changes to data, you can be fully setup in days to weeks.

Expanded Functionality
Satori is not limited to specific data store native capabilities or specific data store payment plans. This simplifies your security policies, reduces technical friction, and lowers TCO.

Unobtrusive Satori does not require any changes to your data stores, queries or tools.

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Masking, Done to Perfection

Satori dynamically anonymizes, redacts and masks data without using SQL views or changing anything on the data store. Satori automatically classifies data and applies masking policies even when the data changes.

  • Simple masking rules based on data types not columns
  • No need to update masking rules as data changes

Self-Service Data Portal

Your users can gain access to the data they need, fast. Use the Slack integration for requesting and approving access to data.

  • Central access hub for data owners and users
  • Support temporary access and automatic revocation
  • Manage access via the Data Portal app, email or Slack

PII? We Got You Covered!

No need to boil the ocean with expensive scans that slow down your databases and jack up costs. Satori classifies data in-transit and continuously builds a comprehensive data inventory.

  • Supports PII, PCI and PHI data types
  • Discovers new sensitive data fast
  • Supports semi-structured data types


Manage access to data with flexible policies based on an RBAC or ABAC model, regardless of the features supported on the data layer.

  • Supports Okta, AzureAD and other Identity Provider integrations
  • Imposes powerful policies that are simple to write

An Audit Log You Can Actually Use

Satori’s audit log allows you to obtain a complete, uniform and searchable data access audit for all data stores with the full user, access and data context.

  • No impact on database performance
  • Rich query, result set and user information
  • Centralized audit logs without burning your cloud budget

Supported Data Stores

Satori vs the Alternatives

Satori is a true universal data access service that decouples security and privacy from the data layer and doesn’t get in your way.

Orchestration Tools
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Time to Implement
Changes to Data Model
New Data Model
New Data Model
Data Discovery and Classification
Multi-Cloud Multi-Data Store
Impact on Query Performance

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At the time of writing, both Immuta’s and Privacera’s pricing are not available on their website. To learn more about Satori’s pricing, set up a quick introductory meeting here.

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