Streamline Data Access and Security with DataSecOps

Satori’s DataSecOps platform enables data teams to streamline access control and security across their entire data infrastructure at scale.
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What Is Satori?

Data teams enable organizations to consume data from many sources, by many users, in data democratization processes. This creates enormous value but also poses security, privacy, and governance challenges. Satori is here to help enable data democratization in a smooth way.

Satori is a Universal Data Access Service that monitors, classifies, and controls access to sensitive data across the entire data infrastructure.​

  • Automated and scalable access control: one place to define, enforce and monitor controls, with powerful automation, universally across data stores and tools.
  • World-class security: granular security for masking, row/column/object filtering, decryption and more with built-in data classification.
  • Instant integration with zero disruption: integrates into any environment in minutes without code or changes to data, schema or queries for frictionless DataOps.

Satori Architecture

Satori Capabilities

Data-aware & Zero-Configuration Access Controls

Decentralizing Data Access Control & Governance

Monitoring, analytics and enriched audits

Continuous Data Classification

Simplified Fine-Grained Security, Compliance & Privacy Policies


Data-aware & Zero-Configuration Access Controls

Set access controls and security policies without needing to pre-configure specific data locations. Satori will automatically discover sensitive data and apply access controls accordingly.

Decentralizing Data Access Control & Governance

Whether it is granting access to data, tagging data, or setting security policies like dynamic masking or row-level security, your data owners and data stewards can control the organization’s data without needing data engineering or IT.

Monitoring, analytics and enriched audits

Gain full visibility into all of your data access, across all of your data platforms, from a single pane. Easily solve compliance challenges like knowing which users access what sensitive data.

Continuous Data Classification

Data is continuously classified, as it is being accessed so that, even if your data changes rapidly, you will know where all of your sensitive data is located.

Simplified Fine-Grained Security, Compliance & Privacy Policies

Setting up policies such as dynamic masking or row-level security can be applied in a simple manner, which does not require data engineering. Such policies can be applied across all of your data stores, regardless of their native capabilities.


Change nothing in the queries your users write, add no objects to your data stores, and install no agents or drivers. Typical implementations with Satori take days instead of months.

Business Value​

Enable And Simplify Access To Data

With Satori, data access controls and permissions are streamlined and automated through a single pane of glass that unifies governance, security and privacy. Since policies are decoupled from the data, controls can easily scale and do not require coding or maintenance.

Boost Data Engineering Productivity

With Satori governance, security and privacy take less time off engineering capacity since data engineers are not involved in managing access and security. Access and security controls do not require code and are automated to eliminate any DataOps overhead.

Deliver Data Products And Services Faster

With Satori access management, security and governance are decoupled from project execution and are no longer a bottleneck. Security, governance and data teams can achieve their goals without presenting competing priorities or creating constraints for each other. Implementation of controls is done once and doesn’t create operational overhead for the teams.

Data Operations Complexity

With Satori there are no dependencies between security / governance and how the data is modeled and architecture. There are less policies and less constraints when it comes to scaling the data infrastructure. Data access and security requires less coordination between teams and ongoing maintenance is eliminated with automation.

Comply With Compliance And Security Requirements

With Satori sensitive data is automatically identified and classified. Security and access policies are automatically enforced without requiring code or changes in the data model or architecture.

Supported Data Platforms


Amazon Redshift

Google bigquery

Amazon athena


SQL server

Azure synapse analytics





And more platforms

Supported BI and Analytics platforms


JDBC driver


ODBC driver



BI Desktop


All other tools…

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