Satori for Databricks

Streamline data access and boost security for Databricks

Your Databricks Data: Easy to Access & Secure

Satori helps companies streamline access to data in Databricks by enabling frictionless just-in-time access control. With Satori for Databricks, your data projects can take off, allowing users to get self-service access to data using a personalized data portal, in a secure and compliant way.

Key Benefits

Win With Your Databricks Data-Driven Projects

Your users will be able to look for the data they need, and get access to it using a personalized data portal. Security and access policies, such as RBAC and ABAC will be applied automatically. You will enjoy successful data projects, with streamlined access to data, meeting security & compliance requirements.

The Leading Data Security Platform for Databricks and Your Other Data Stores

Satori is a data security platform,  allowing you to set security and access control policies on all your data, and get reporting on “who can access what”. You will be able to manage all your data security from one platform – production, analytics and data science.


Simplified Access Control

Frictionless Just-In-Time Access to Data

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Yes, you will continue using Databricks in the same way you use it, with the BI tools, Python and other clients you’re using.

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