Satori's Data Security Platform for Databricks

Accelerate data analytics and data-driven innovation on Databricks.

Satori’s Data Security Platform is flexible, scalable, and quickly implemented as an add-on to your Databricks stack. With Satori, your Databricks AI & analytics can take off, allowing users to get self-service access to data in a secure and compliant way from a personalized data portal.


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Databricks Unity Catalog Integration

Unity Catalog is Databrick’s core set of APIs and capabilities for data governance and security. Satori takes advantage of Unity Catalog, and allows you to apply security and access policies in a scalable and simple way on all your Databricks. So you can focus on getting value from data, rather than on endless tickets for security, access and compliance tasks.

Satori’s Data Security Platform enables frictionless just-in-time data access with security & compliance built-in. This results in: 

+25% Realized Data Admin Resources 

30x Faster Data User Access

100% Compliance Automation

Key Benefits


Win With Your Databricks Data-Driven Projects

Security and access policies, such as RBAC and ABAC are applied automatically. You can enjoy successful data projects, with streamlined access to data, meeting security & compliance requirements.


Personal Data Portal

Satori’s personal data portal enables users to view available data and access data quickly improving data engineering productivity and users time-to-value. Satori does this without sacrificing security and compliance.

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Unique Data Enablement Framework 

Satori allows you to set security and access control policies on all your data and get reporting on “who can access what.” You can manage all your data security from one platform – production, analytics and data science.

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What You Gain with Satori

Scaling Databricks Data Access and Control is Hard

Data engineering teams spend significant time and other resources on data access, roles and implementing security policies on Databricks.

Gain Flexibility and

of Data with Satori

Satori provides the most comprehensive Data Security Platform, providing automated data access while dynamically applying security policies, all from a single platform. 

Key Capabilities

Frictionless Just-in-Time Access to Data

  • Just-in-Time AccessYour users are able to get access to the data they need, when they need it.
  • Approval & Self-Service Workflows – Just-in-time, secure, and compliant data access with automated workflows.
  • Security & Compliance built-in – Security and compliance requirements are met with policies, guardrails, and reporting.

Simplified Access Control

  • Reduce Complexities in Data Access & RolesEasily apply access control policies across all your databases, data warehouses and data lakes from one platform.
  • Easily Apply Security Policies Apply contextual policies based on the user’s role and other attributes.
  • Happy Data Engineers – Impose security policies without wasting precious data engineering resources.

How It Works

Have Any Questions?

Can I keep using my existing BI tools?

Yes, you can continue using Databricks with the BI tools, Python and other clients you’re using.

No, you continue using the same drivers you are currently using. Nothing changes in your connection to Databricks.


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