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Manual Access Controls Waste Resources

Data engineering teams want to facilitate access to large quantities of high quality data without straining their resources. Manual data access and security and compliance requirements take up 15-30% of data engineers’ time.

Automated Self-service
Data Access
with Satori

Satori enables automated self-service access to data with built-in security and compliance. Automation and simple integration across platforms eliminates time wasted on manual activities so data engineers can spend their time on core activities.

Business Impact of Automated Data Access

Time spent on core activities

Data engineers stop wasting time on manual security and access control, and instead focus on and increase their core value contribution.

Data users service level

Data engineering teams are often internal service providers. Enabling self-service data access, improves their  service level.

Cost savings

Automating data access, saves engineering teams’ time. Reducing the time spent on granting access results in cost savings per data processed.

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Key Capabilities

Self-Service Data Access

Satori grants users access to data on diverse analytic and production environments through automated workflows without writing SQL code. Accelerate time-to-value from data while reducing time wasted by data admins and users.

Data Access Control

Satori efficiently manages your security policies to accelerate data-driven impact while meeting security & compliance requirements. Satori universally applies security policies to all your databases, data warehouses, and data lakes without changing your data model.

Dynamic Data Masking

Satori anonymizes data dynamically according to security policies, users, roles and datasets. Masking does not depend on the underlying database, nor does it require writing additional code or making changes to your databases, data warehouses and data lakes.

Auditing & Monitoring

Satori centralizes all your data access logs in one place, adding additional metadata, such as applying detailed identity and security policies, helping you extract value from data access logs and meet and exceed your compliance and security requirements.

Posture Management

Satori monitors the authorization of users to data across all of a company’s data stores to proactively eliminate data breach risks.

Key Use-Cases

Data Security Platform

Protect sensitive data in the cloud while increasing efficiency and time-to-value.

Data Access Control

Universally apply security and access policies to enforce secure data management.

Data Compliance

Quick and easy compliance, greater productivity and lower costs.

Data Modernization

Accelerating data modernization projects such as cloud migration of data platforms.

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