Accelerate Value From Data

Satori helps companies deliver their new data-driven products and innovations faster while ensuring that security and compliance are met. Data teams can operate at higher productivity and efficiency.


Release Data-Driven Products Faster

When product teams working on data products encounter security, privacy, governance, and compliance requirements, it slows down the pace of development. With Satori, access management, security, and governance are decoupled from the project execution and are no longer a bottleneck that slows down the development and release of products.

Security & Compliance

Higher Security & Compliance Maturity

Satori manages access for all data stores in a single pane which automates the data access policies, decouples security from the data infrastructure, and delivers improved maturity for security and compliance. Satori allows you to deliver data-driven projects faster and with fewer delays.


Productive Data Teams and Efficient Data Operations

Satori removes the burden of mundane and repetitive data access projects that become increasingly complicated and risky over time. Satori’s DataSecOps solution frees up data teams to drive business value from the data and makes data operations more efficient to support business decisions and value creation.

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