Audit data access activity across cloud data stores

Learn how to audit data access activity across all cloud data stores with unlimited retention and built-in data classification.

Over-privilege analysis for Snowflake data warehouse

Learn how to eliminate the silent killer of security and build a healthy user privilege fit with Satori’s over-privilege report for Snowflake data warehouse.

Regional data access controls for EU subjects

Learn how to restrict data access by region and incorporate other regional parameters to your data access.

Implementing GDPR's Chapter 5 (Art. 44-50) in Redshift

Learn how to apply regional data access controls that comply with GDPR chapter 5 on an AWS Redshift instance with Tableau—without having to change any environments or AWS account configurations.

Sensitive data discovery and classification

Learn how to discover and classify sensitive data and control access in Snowflake with SnowUI—without having to make any changes to your data warehouse.

Satori Cyber Expert Panel - June 2020

Satori Cyber’s Board of Advisors discusses the overlapping responsibilities of security, privacy and data teams tasked with securing new data science environments. Featuring Andy Roth (CPO at Intuit), Colin Anderson (CISO at Levi Strauss & Co.), Sounil Yu (CISO-in-Residence at YL Ventures) and Eldad Chai (CEO and Co-Founder at Satori Cyber).

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