Using Satori vs. Building Access Controls Using Native Capabilities

Satori provides a platform that streamlines access to sensitive data and gives you visibility and controls for your data access.

Building Your Own Data Access Controls

An alternative to using Satori’s DataSecOps platform is building your own data access controls. Data teams usually do this if they have available resources that can take advantage of native capabilities in data stores. Such capabilities include secure views, functions, and policies available in the data store.

What You Should Know

Building your own solutions can be good when they are relatively easy to implement and maintain. However, in most cases, undertaking such a project that is outside of your core objectives entails hidden costs and risks.

Key considerations when choosing Satori vs. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Solutions

Is this a core business project aligning with your priorities?

In other words, you should consider if you are or want to be in the business of building data access controls, data access workflows, fine-grained access control, data auditing and monitoring, and encryption/tokenization.

If you are not in the business of building and maintaining data access control solutions, your engineering resources are better spent on core activities to support and grow the business, delivering greater business value to your company.

Changes & Maintenance.

Access controls are not something you set and forget. Are you actually committing to babysit all changes to data access from now on? This commitment can be both resource-intensive and risky.

Do you have the time and resources for a learning curve?

Many times, such projects can pose unknown engineering challenges if you lack prior experience creating or managing the solution for data access.

Additional DataSecOps Capabilities

Using Satori, you will get a wider set of proven capabilities than your current DIY project, freeing up your engineering resources for higher priority initiatives.

Migration to New Technologies.​

If you want to move from one data platform to another, would you have to re-write substantial parts of your DIY solution? How would you scale your current solution if your company acquires a new organization with a different data platform than your current platform?

Satori’s Main Product Capabilities: