Satori’s Data Security Platform is Selected for the Microsoft Pegasus Program and is Available in the Azure Marketplace

It’s now easier than ever for Microsoft customers to implement Satori’s powerful data access technology and accelerate time-to-value from data while ensuring security and privacy

Sunnyvale, CA — June 8, 2023 Satori, the industry’s leading data security platform, today announces its inclusion in the exclusive Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program. Its selection to an elite group of startups acknowledges Satori’s strong position as a trusted data security provider that is committed to providing a comprehensive data security platform. Also, Satori’s Data Security Platform is now more easily accessible to Microsoft customers through the Azure Marketplace. 


Satori’s continued product innovation and customizable data security platform is recognized by its inclusion in the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, an invite-only program that connects growth-stage startups to thousands of Microsoft’s top customers. The program is an extension of Microsoft’s Founders Hub program. It provides startups that have already achieved product-market fit in industries, including AI, health and life sciences, cybersecurity, and retail, with additional support. The program acts as a matchmaker, identifying enterprise customers with business challenges and connecting them with startup solutions.


The Satori Data Security Platform is now available to Microsoft Azure customers through the Azure Marketplace. Azure customers can access Satori’s data security platform, enabling fast and secure access to their valuable data. Satori’s self-service data access portal makes it possible for Azure users to accelerate time-to-value from their data. By seamlessly integrating Satori into existing infrastructures and scaling it as data use grows, it’s easier than ever to secure Azure databases, data lakes, and data warehouses.


“We are thrilled to be one of the startups selected to be part of Microsoft’s exclusive Pegasus Program, and honored to be a trusted solution on the Azure Marketplace,” said Eldad Chai, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Satori. “These achievements speak to Satori’s proven track record with Microsoft customers. Most importantly, Satori can now help Microsoft Azure users tap into the potential of their data with remarkable ease and speed, while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.” 


Learn more about Satori’s Data Security Platform and how to access Satori through the Azure Marketplace.   


About Satori

Satori’s data security platform revolutionizes data security. It seamlessly integrates into any environment to automate access controls so that data-driven organizations can exploit a greater time-to-value for their data. Through its self-service data portal, Satori enables data-driven organizations to monitor and manage access to their data on a continuous basis while reducing security and compliance risks. Using its self-service access to data organizations can confidently ensure that data security, privacy, and compliance are in place – enabling data-driven innovation and competitive advantage. Learn more at

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