Data Governance for Cloud Data Lakes & Warehouses

Remove security and privacy constraints for Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift - in one-tenth of the time


Data, Privilege and Usage Visibility

Immediate visibility into who has access to what and how data is being used

Security and Privacy by Design

Alert, block, mask or break glass with data-centric policies and continuous classification and tagging

Rule Based Access Control

Automate provisioning and revoking of data access based on identities, data type and behaviour

Secure Data Access Cloud

The Satori Secure Data Access Cloud is a highly-available and transparent proxy service that sits in front of your data stores (databases, data warehouses and data lakes). Satori asynchronously inspects all queries and their results to build a complete map of how data flows in your environment and then applies data privacy policies that enable secure and compliant data access in real-time.

Data Protection and Governance

One place for security and data teams to collaborate and enable broad access to data while reducing unmanaged risks.


Works With All of Your Data Stores

Secure Data Access Cloud was designed to support any type of data store, whether operated by your cloud provider or by you.

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