How it works

The Satori proxy service sits in front of all of your data stores to asynchronously inspect all queries and their results. Our solution applies policies based on who is accessing your data, what data is being accessed and the behavioral patterns of that access.

Satori lets you build and enforce policies independent of specific data stores and access tools and delivers complete visibility and auditing with robust analytics and reporting.

Under the hood

Data Classification

Satori classifies data in real-time to detect new occurrences of sensitive data as they happen. Satori enriches the capabilities of your existing data classification tools with real-time discovery, classification, access and usage data and policy enforcement.


Our Secure Data Access Cloud is fully containerized and is available as a service for customers using cloud-native data stores. A customer-hosted deployment option is available to enterprise customers.


Leveraging and enhancing your current capabilities, Satori integrates with existing IAM platforms, data classification tools and SIEM systems.


No. The Satori Secure Data Access Cloud asynchronously inspects all data transactions and does not impact latency.

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