Solution Overview

World-class security and access controls for data in the cloud.

What we do

Universal data access service with built-in classification, security and access workflows.

DataSecOps is an evolution in the way organizations treat security as part of their data operations. It is an understanding that security should be a continuous part of the data operations processes and not something that is added as an afterthought.

Satori created the first DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access by automating access controls, security and compliance for the modern data infrastructure. The Secure Data Access Service is a universal visibility and control plane that allows you to oversee your data and its usage in real-time while automating access controls. Satori integrates into your environment in minutes, maps all of the organization’s sensitive data, and monitors data flows in real-time across all data stores. Satori enables your organization to replace cumbersome permissions and acts as a policy engine for data access by enforcing access policies, data masking, and initiating data access workflows.

Universal access control and auditing across 5 data platforms and 120+ data stores.

“Satori’s service is a real game changer for DataSecOps, providing both control and visibility over data compliance and security issues across multiple data stores. We were able to deploy Satori quickly because it does not require making any changes in existing data flows.”

Arun K. Buduri, VP

Engineering, IT & CISO, Innovaccer

Satori Architecture

Secure Access To Sensitive Data In Minutes With Satori

Satori integrates with BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, and PowerBI and data stores including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Athena, Azure Synapse and SQL server, Google BigQuery, Postgres, and MySQL to provide the following capabilities:


Understand your data including the sensitive data with continuous data discovery and classification

Satori monitors every database query and result, classifies the data in-motion, keeps a universal audit of data access, and builds an always-up-to-date data inventory including sensitive data such as highly regulated Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI).


Protect sensitive data at query run-time with dynamic masking

Satori enables dynamic masking of sensitive data at query run-time, based on your choice of security policies, and can be set based on identities, data locations, as well as by data types, supporting compliance for GDPR, CCPA and other regulatory requirements.


Provide fine-grained security with access control policies

Satori enables fine-grained access control, regardless of the data platform you are using, and how you are consuming the data. The granular security you can apply includes Dynamic Masking, Row-Level Security, and ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control). The granular security policies can be applied without the need of data engineering resources, and can be applied across different data platforms at the same time.


Deliver self-service access to data with customized access workflows

Whether you are working with self-service access, role-based access controls, or attribute-based access controls, Satori facilitates the requests for data access and manages the approval without any added code and without modifying your current data flows. Analysts, data scientists, and engineers can access the data they need quickly and without complex user and role configurations while simultaneously ensuring that security and compliance policies are enforced.


Monitor and audit access to data for compliance requirements with comprehensive reporting

Satori monitors every database query and result, providing real-time audit trail and visibility into the usage of all data including sensitive data. Satori provides a complete data access audit with identity and data context including built-in reports for compliance and security.

Key Benefits

Enable and simplify access to data and eliminate operational friction.​

Enforce security and compliance for sensitive data.

Develop and deliver data products faster and improve data teams’ productivity.

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