Snowflake Security Book

It all started when our CTO and our Chief Scientist were discussing a knowledge gap around security for Snowflake data cloud accounts. They wished there was a book to fill this gap, and lacking one, they decided to write one.

The book was published in October 2021, by Apress, and is sold on APress, O’Reilly Library, Amazon (as a physical copy or the Kindle version), as well as other book shops.

What Does the Book Cover?

“This book is an excellent resource for data engineers tasked with achieving the right balance between security and productivity for their Snowflake environment.”

Omer Singer

Head of Cyber Security Strategy at Snowflake

“Yoav and Ben are helping a lot of organizations with these challenges every day across all sorts of technologies, and now they seek to educate people on Snowflake.”

Anita Lynch

Chief Data Officer at New Relic, Inc.

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