Satori's Data Security Platform and Tableau

Accelerate data access, security, and data-driven innovation using Tableau

Satori’s Data Security Platform provides data access controls that are flexible, scalable, and quickly implemented when using Tableau. You can accelerate time-to-value from data analytics using Satori’s frictionless data access.

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Tableau Data Security with Satori

Understanding the importance of data analytics, you are using Tableau. However, managing fine-grained access, security, privacy, and governance at scale slows down your ability to use the data quickly and demands a lot of manual resources from your data teams.

Satori’s Data Security Platform enables frictionless self-service data access with security & compliance built-in. This results in: 

+25% Realized Data Admin Resources 

30x Faster Data User Access

100% Compliance Automation

Key Benefits


Universal Data Access Layer 

Satori simplifies access control through centralized governance of user access rules. Satori applies dynamic security policies for Tableau data access based on roles and attributes to ensure appropriate data access. Satori does this without modifying existing data flows.

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Unparalleled Time-to-Value

Satori enforces granular security controls within minutes without disrupting existing business flows or adding any database objects. Define access controls in a human-readable UI, through an API or with Terraform.

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Unique Data Enablement Framework 

Satori seamlessly integrates into your data operations and automatically applies security, compliance and privacy policies for your Tableau users. Your data users now have access in minutes to the data they need, eliminating manual data admin work.

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What You Gain with Satori

Scaling Tableau Analytics in a Compliant Way is Hard

Data engineering teams spend significant time on data access, roles and implementing fine-grained access policies for Tableau users.

Gain Flexibility and

of Data with Satori

Satori provides the most comprehensive Data Security Platform, providing automated data access while dynamically applying security policies, all from a single platform. 

Key Capabilities

Frictionless Just-in-Time Access to Data

  • Approval & Self-Service Workflows – Just-in-time, secure, and compliant data access with automated workflows.
  • Just-in-Time Access Your users can get temporary access to data using Tableau, with security policies dynamically applied.
  • Security & Compliance built-in – Security and compliance requirements are met with policies, guardrails, and reporting.

Simplified Access Control

  • Reduce Complexities in Data Access – Easily apply access controls, including fine-grained access controls on all. your data stores.
  • Universal Data MaskingImplement masking, anonymization, and data redaction profiles to known and unknown locations of sensitive data, including semi-structured data.
  • Happy Data Engineers – Impose security policies without wasting precious data engineering resources.
  • Users Directory – Organize your Tableau users by access groups and scale RBAC implementation without writing code.

Data Auditing & Monitoring

  • Data Access Audit – Complete data access audits with identity and data context including built-in reports for compliance and security.
  • Aggregated Auditing – Investigate access and query logs from all Tableau users and other clients from one platform.
  • Real Identity – Audit logs shows the actual users accessing the data.

How It Works

Have Any Questions?

Do I need to make changes to my existing reports and dashboards?

No. Satori does not interfere with the way you query your data.

This is a straightforward configuration done by the Tableau administrator, as described in our documentation.

No. Satori works with your existing drivers and tools.


Satori does not add any meaningful latency to queries. 

Both options are available.


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