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“We were able
to deploy Satori really quickly because it doesn’t require making any changes
in existing data flows.”

Arun K. Buduri

VP Engineering & IT, Innovaccer

Automating Row Level Security

Satori provides automated data access while dynamically applying security policies, all from a single platform

Universal Data Access Layer

Satori simplifies access control through centralized governance of user access rules. Satori applies dynamic security policies for PowerBI data access based on roles and attributes to ensure appropriate data access. Satori does this without modifying existing data flows.
“You’re not truly AI-ready without robust data governance that ensures the protection of sensitive data and meets all compliance requirements.”

Sanjeev Mohan

Ex VP Data & Analytics, Gartner

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How Data Teams Use Satori

Access Management Redefined

Automated role management that simplifies permissions over all your BI tools and data clients, with complete RBAC and ABAC.

Dynamic Policies

Continuously discover and classify sensitive data. Satori enforces security and privacy policies per your requirements.

Complete Auditing & Monitoring

Granular user-specific audit logs covering all data access across your various tools and data stores in one location.

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How Satori Works

“Satori’s service is a real game changer, providing both control and visibility over data compliance and security issues across multiple data stores.”

People also ask

What is row-level security?
Row-level security (RLS), also known as row-level access control or row-based security, restricts data access for specific users or user groups at the row level. For example, you can use RLS to filter dashboards showing data from multiple geographies based on the geographies the user viewing the dashboard is associated with.

How to apply row-level security with Satori?

Satori implements RLS using a Data Filtering policy. Specify the table to filter and what values each user or group is allowed to see.
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How to apply row-level security with Satori on PowerBI?

Satori integrates its Data Filtering policy with PowerBI at the Semantic Model level. After a one-time integration step, any change to the data filtering policy is automatically reflected in PowerBI. A common use case of this integration is to control access to data based on user attributes fetched from Azure Entra ID.

What are the advantages of implementing RLS in PowerBI with Satori?

Decoupling of the day to day changes in what data each user can see from the BI development lifecycle.
Reusing the same policies across other data stores or when users use a different client tool to query data.

Does Satori support other BI Tools?

Satori supports other BI tools such as Tableau, Looker Studio,
Preset IO, Redash, Sigma, and Sisense.

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