Data Access Control​

Satori efficiently manages your security policies to accelerate data-driven impact while meeting security & compliance requirements. Satori universally applies security policies to all your databases, data warehouses, and data lakes without changing your data model.

Single-Pane Access Management

Create and manage access to all data and attach the relevant security requirement in one place. This makes your data access management efficient and robust, even when there are thousands of databases and users.

ABAC: Attribute-Based Access Control

Attribute-based access control allows you to set policies on attributes that can be based on user identity, connecting tool, and more.

Satori allows data owners to implement ABAC regardless of the data store technology and its native capabilities. Data owners have the ability to apply security policies such as restricting access to sensitive data from certain locations or locking in users to specific BI tools.

Dynamic Data Masking

Apply dynamic masking on thousands of tables in minutes. Masking policies are based on data types and identities, including RBAC and users; and are not reliant on specific locations. 

Row-Level Security

Access partial data from data tables, according to specific conditions. For example, each user should only be able to view customer data for their region.

Satori’s row-level security works across all of your data stores and is easy to configure without writing any code. It supports a multitude of row-level security and entitlement scenarios to ensure access control is easily applied.

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Solution Brief

Satori’s Data Security Platform

Satori’s comprehensive Data Security Platform eliminates the complexity of managing access to sensitive data. Using data security automation streamlines secure access to data when and where it is needed (just-in-time) while consistently ensuring security policies are applied across all data platforms.

Case Study

Satori Helps Wealthsimple Secure Sensitive Data & Remain Compliant Without Sacrificing Growth

Satori helps Wealthsimple protect sensitive customer data in Amazon Redshift, using need-to-know access, without sacrificing hyper-growth. 

Blog Post

How Automating Access to Data Enhances Customer Engagement & Trust

Automated access to data is designed to safeguard information from unauthorized access. But it’s not just about security, automated access to data also has the power to enhance customer engagement and build trust.


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