Just-inTime Data Access

Satori grants users access to data on diverse analytic and production environments through automated workflows without writing SQL code.
Just-in-time data access accelerates time-to-value from data while reducing time wasted by data admins and users.

Universal Data Access Layer

Satori simplifies access control through centralized governance of user access rules. Satori applies dynamic security policies for Power BI data access based on roles and attributes to ensure appropriate data access. Satori does this without modifying existing data flows.
“You’re not truly AI-ready without robust data governance that ensures the protection of sensitive data and meets all compliance requirements.”

Sanjeev Mohan

Ex VP Data & Analytics, Gartner

Accelerate Data-Driven Value

Your data users have a self-service data portal to get immediate access to data, with security policies dynamically applied.

Save Data Engineering &

Set and dynamically apply your access requirements, reducing the burden on DevOps and data engineering resources.

Simplify Data Access Approval

Automate data access approval workflows. Move from manual support tickets to approvals through your personalized data portal, or platforms like Slack, Jira, Salesforce and others.

Just-In-Time Data Access

Enable temporary just-in-time access to data so that teams do not have persistent access to data, but only when they need it.

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Solution Brief

Satori’s Data Security Platform

Satori’s comprehensive Data Security Platform eliminates the complexity of managing access to sensitive data. Using data security automation streamlines secure access to data when and where it is needed (just-in-time) while consistently ensuring security policies are applied across all data platforms.

Case Study

Satori Helps Wealthsimple Secure Sensitive Data & Remain Compliant Without Sacrificing Growth

Satori helps Wealthsimple protect sensitive customer data in Amazon Redshift, using need-to-know access, without sacrificing hyper-growth. 

Blog Post

Satori’s Self-Service Data Access on Snowflake Data

Satori enables self-service data access on Snowflake empowering users to immediately access and use data without relying on data engineering resources.


Accelerate Your Data's Time-to-Value

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