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Expand data use to gain a competitive advantage securely

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Secure & Automated Access to Data

Faster execution of data-driven projects

Improved data consumers’ experience by quickly gaining access to data

Automated self-service access to improve the productivity of the engineering teams

Gain the flexibility to scale, govern and control more data, quickly, without changing your data stores

Manual Access to Data
Limits Data Sharing and Productivity

Data teams are responsible for expanding data use to gain a competitive advantage. This is difficult because security and access policies are applied to data that is spread across multiple databases, data warehouses or data lakes. Manual data access frustrates data teams and slows down your data-driven value.

This results in:

Failed data projects

Drop in engineering 

Lower data consumers’

Higher security and
compliance risk

Your Data Sharing with Satori

Self-Service Data Access

Satori’s self-service data portal enables your data consumers to find datasets and get secure access quickly. The ability to view and access available data enhances your ability to perform successful data projects and gain a competitive advantage. 

Data Access Workflows

Satori’s automated workflow streamlines data access so that only authorized users can access sensitive data. Using the self-service data access portal (with Slack, Jira, and more integrations) your data consumers only get access to datasets based on your approval policies. They gain access to this data quickly and easily, enabling them to extract a competitive advantage. 

Auditing and Controlling Permissions Changes

Satori’s Access Manager combines and analyzes access and security controls into a single plane. You also have the ability to create and implement security policies, update and change access permission quickly and easily. 

Case Study

Innovaccer secures sensitive
protected health information (PHI),
while powering hyper-growth

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Solution Brief

Satori’s Data Security Platform

Satori’s comprehensive Data Security Platform eliminates the complexity of managing access to sensitive data. Using data security automation streamlines secure access to data when and where it is needed (just-in-time) while consistently ensuring security policies are applied across all data platforms.

Case Study

Satori Helps Wealthsimple Secure Sensitive Data & Remain Compliant Without Sacrificing Growth

Satori helps Wealthsimple protect sensitive customer data in Amazon Redshift, using need-to-know access, without sacrificing hyper-growth. 

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What’s Stopping your Organization’s Data Sharing Culture?

Read our blog post where we explore the problems that prevent and the benefits of promoting a positive data sharing culture to enhance growth and operations. 

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