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Stop wasting time managing access to data and analytics. Go fast with Satori’s Data Security Platform.

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“Having a true self-service access experience to all our data is a game changer for our AI and analytics, and frees data engineers’ time to achieve business goals faster.”

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A Data Security Platform For Data Teams

Data teams want to make the most of data for analytics, insights and AI. They often find themselves struggling to quickly find the data they need, get access to data, and share it. The challenge is that the data often contains sensitive information (such as PII), and should be used without losing control of security and compliance requirements.

With Satori’s Data Security Platform, data teams can make sure data is used quickly, while never losing control.

Be AI-Ready Fast with Satori’s Data Security Platform

Moving fast with data in AI & Analytics, your data governance must keep pace. Give your data stewards the tools to control data and how it is accessed and consumed.
“Using Satori enables us to move much faster with AI & analytics“

Matthew Deadman

Software Engineering Manager - Data Platform, Wealthsimple

“Satori’s service is a real game changer, providing both control and visibility over data compliance and security issues across multiple data stores.”

Arun K. Buduri

VP Engineering & IT, Innovaccer

Handsoff Data Access

Set access and security policies once. Then sit back and let your users use Satori’s data portal to get immediate access to data. Satori takes care of the security requirements such as data masking, row-level security, temporary access to data and approval workflows.

Compliance That Data Teams Love

Satori disarms compliance requirements out of the box. When you know where your sensitive data is, who can access it and why, and have complete control over sensitive data access, you’ll start loving compliance too.
“Instead of working for weeks on audits, we always have our data compliance reports ready. That’s why our team is the first to finish audits.“

Laura Peaslee

Director of Data Engineering, Kandji

“A Data Security Platform should support both the data analytics platforms as well as operational databases”

Sanjeev Mohan

Principle, SanjMo and Ex VP Data & Analytics, Gartner

Win With All Data. Never Lose Control.

Satori’s Data Security Platform is not limited to only specific environments such as analytics, and has a wide support of data lakes, data warehouses as well as operational databases.

Satori selected as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Data Security Platforms 2024

Key Capabilities

Access Management

Automatic access management that simplifies permissions over all your diverse ML and BI stack, with complete RBAC and ABAC support.

Privacy Policies

Continuously classify and tag sensitive data and implement security and privacy policies dynamically.

Auditing & Monitoring

Granular user specific audit logs covering all data access across your various tools in one location.

How Satori Works

“With Satori’s Data Security Platform we enable access to sensitive data in a secure, controlled and audited way, thus ensuring we meet all our compliance and security requirements.”

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