Universal Data Access Service

The Satori proxy sits in front of your data stores and inspects all queries and their results, classifying them for sensitive data and enforces advanced security and privacy policies like masking, blocking or triggering an access approval workflow.

Satori provides unparalleled visibility into data access by logging every query with a rich set of metadata including result set field names, number of records returned, client tool used and more.

Automatic Data Classification

Satori uses a set of dictionary-based, pattern-based and machine-learning based algorithms to accurately classify data and automatically tags data store locations such as tables or columns with that metadata. Automatic data classification reduces the on-going maintenance of keeping metadata up to date, and enables administrators to set policies at the data or metadata level as opposed to the schema.

Policy Engine

Satori‚Äôs policy engine implements an Attribute Based Access Control engine to enable implementation of advanced security and privacy controls. The policy engine takes identity attributes, client tool attributes, query attributes and data attributes to realize any policy requirement.‚Äč

Universal Masking

By combining data classification and dynamic masking, Satori enables organizations to provide access to sensitive data without compromising security or privacy, and without making anonymized copies of the data or duplicating data pipelines.

Dynamic Inlining

To achieve high reliability and low latency, data traffic is separated to two paths: proxying and analysis. For proxying, Satori uses NGINX and every Satori deployment includes a highly-available set of proxy servers. With Dynamic Inlining Satori is able to interrupt connections on-demand to implement a wide variety of actions.


Satori’s Data Access Controller is a Kubernetes-based application that can either be consumed as a pure SaaS service directly from Satori, or deployed within your VPC.

IAM Integration

Satori leverages identity information by connecting to the organization’s identity provider, providing that as attributes to be used by the policy and auditing engines. Satori supports both SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) and OAuth authentication in supporting platforms.


What is the data consumer / analyst experience?

There are no changes to the experience, data consumers don’t have to change queries or replace tools.

For real time queries latency is ¬Ī1ms.

Default is fail-open.



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