Streamline Access to Data

With Satori, data-driven projects are delivered faster, as data scientists and analysts get faster access to data. Data engineering and IT resources also become more responsive and productive, with lower costs and higher performance for data operations.


Deliver Data-Driven Projects Faster

Companies often struggle to provide adequate data access for data science, BI, analytics, and business users, while meeting security privacy and compliance requirements.
Satori delivers data-driven projects faster by streamlining and automating access and permissions, allowing data scientists, analysts, and business users to gain access to data without encountering the bottleneck of IT and data engineering resources.


Responsive Data Engineering

By eliminating many of the mundane, repetitive tasks that clog data engineering pipelines, such as data access request tickets and permissions grants, Satori allows teams to focus on activities that deliver higher value. Satori automates and streamlines routine data access processes, so the data engineering teams can focus on improving data operations and help your business win against its competition.


Higher Performance With Reduced Spend on Data Operations

Satori decouples security policies from the data infrastructure with a single pane of glass that unifies the governance, security, and privacy perspectives. Data owners, data stewards, and other stakeholders can review and approve requests for access to sensitive data without taking up valuable data engineering resources.
The result is higher business performance and lower spending on data operations.

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