DataSecOps for Snowflake and looker

Snowflake and Looker

Snowflake is a multi-cloud data warehouse and data lake SaaS platform. Customers can use Snowflake to store and analyze data in AWS, Azure, and GCP. Looker is a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform. Looker helps users easily explore, analyze, and share business analytics.

How Satori Integrates with Snowflake and Looker?

Satori is quick to integrate with Snowflake and Looker: it requires only a simple change to the Snowflake host name in the Looker connection settings and you’re done. Integration is transparent, so users can continue to run the same Looker queries and reports, and no training is required.

How It Works

Self-Service Data Access Management for Snowflake with Looker

Satori enables Snowflake and Looker users to easily establish self-service data access management, eliminating the need for data engineers to constantly configure data access privileges. Data owners and stewards can easily set policies to allow full or temporary access to data.

Approval Workflows for Snowflake with Looker

Satori enables Snowflake and Looker users to easily configure approval workflows for granting full or temporary access to data in a simple approval process. The process involves data owners receiving notifications of data access requests and approving them in a straightforward manner.

Dynamic Masking for Snowflake with Looker

Satori can apply dynamic masking over data used in Snowflake and Looker without configuration per table. Masking can be set directly on identity groups, or even by defining custom user groups on which to apply various masking policies. This capability can accelerate sensitive data analytics, by minimizing time wasted on preparing masking configuration or managing duplicating data.

Data Inventory and Data Catalog for Snowflake with Looker

Satori is continuously analyzing data as it is being accessed in order to discover sensitive information and build an up-to-date data inventory for your Snowflake data cloud. Sensitive data is automatically detected, creating a data inventory which you can set access controls over.

Enriched Auditing & Monitoring for Snowflake with Looker


Satori continuously audits all data access performed through Looker to your Snowflake. This audit log is not a raw “native log,” and it includes additional valuable information such as the types of sensitive data being accessed, a detailed listing of the columns and tables being accessed, and the original Looker user who accessed Snowflake.

Row-level security for Snowflake with Looker

With Satori, you can easily set row-level access policies for data access to Snowflake using Looker. The row-level security in Satori can be managed by the data owners themselves, can be applied to semi-structured data, and can be defined in a simple way across multiple tables, schemas, databases, and even different Snowflake accounts.