Satori for S3

Streamline data security and access in your S3 buckets using Satori’s Data Security Platform

Managing Access to Sensitive Data in S3 Buckets

Satori helps companies streamline access to data in S3 buckets by automating access controls and security. With Satori, you can enable just-in-time access to S3 buckets or specific files. You also have a unified place to keep all logs and manage access controls.

Key Benefits

Just-in-time Access to Data in S3 Buckets

Satori enables your data users to get temporary access to data and files in S3 buckets when required, instead of giving them risky persistent access. Access can be automatic or through an approval workflow from an online data portal, Slack, or other integrations.

Meeting Compliance & Security Requirements for S3 Files

Satori gives you a single place for all data access logs, including those from S3. You also control who has access to your files and how the access is managed.


Simplified Access Control

Self-Service Data Access

Auditing & Monitoring

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