Controlling Access
to Data Has Never Been Easier

Satori enables data teams to move faster by decoupling security, privacy and access controls from the data platform.
Self-service access allows the users to use data faster, while applying security policies dynamically.

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How Satori Works

Satori is a data security platform that enhances productivity with self-service data access. Automatically classify and control access to sensitive data without changing your data or impacting your users.

Discover Sensitive Data

Satori discovers all data stores, assets and users no matter where they are located and what they contain.

Define Access to Data

Define how and who gets access to what data and for how long for each case.

Deliver Time-to-Value

Deliver frictionless, just-in-time access to data automatically for every user through a personalized data portal. 

“What I love about Satori is the way it helps teams work together, not only security and data but throughout the organization, it helps automate data access and prevent ad-hoc work and eliminates the need to manually review and implement every single data access request.”

Arun K. Buuri

VP Engineering, IT & CISO, Innovaccer

Masking, Done to Perfection

Satori dynamically anonymizes, redacts and masks data without using SQL views or changing anything on the data store. Satori automatically classifies data and applies masking policies even when the data changes.

  • Simple masking rules based on data types not columns
  • No need to update masking rules as data changes

Self-Service Data Portal

Your users can gain access to the data they need, fast. Use the Slack integration for requesting and approving access to data.

  • Central access hub for data owners and users
  • Support temporary access and automatic revocation
  • Manage access via the Data Portal app, email or Slack

PII? We Got You Covered!

No need to boil the ocean with expensive scans that slow down your databases and jack up costs. Satori classifies data in-transit and continuously builds a comprehensive data inventory.

  • Supports PII, PCI and PHI data types
  • Discovers new sensitive data fast
  • Supports semi-structured data types


Manage access to data with flexible policies based on an RBAC or ABAC model, regardless of the features supported on the data layer.

  • Supports Okta, AzureAD and other Identity Provider integrations
  • Imposes powerful policies that are simple to write

Multi-cloud Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Satori’s audit log allows you to obtain a complete, uniform and searchable data access audit for all data stores with the full user, access and data context.

  • No impact on database performance
  • Rich query, result set and user information
  • Centralized audit logs without burning your cloud budget

Supported Data Stores

Amazon Redshift
SQL Server

Performance and Reliability

Satori’s cloud-native Kubernetes architecture and modern design delivers stunning performance and world-class reliability. Satori is built using Rust, the modern systems programming language that is blazingly fast and inherently secure.

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Unnoticeable, millisecond-scale added latency
  • Built-in horizontal scalability and fault tolerance

Deployment Options


Multi-tenant data access controller managed by Satori. No deployments or installations required.

  • Available in all AWS, Azure, GCP regions
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

Private SaaS

Single-tenant data access controller fully managed by Satori in a dedicated cloud environment.

  • Private connectivity to customer VPC
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

Customer Hosted

Deploy the data access controller in a Kubernetes cluster on your own AWS, Azure or GCP environment.

  • 24/7 production support
  • Automatic software upgrades

Satori vs the Alternatives

Satori is a true universal data access service that decouples security and privacy from the data layer and doesn’t get in your way.

Orchestration Tools
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Time to Implement
Changes to Data Model
New Data Model
New Data Model
Data Discovery and Classification
Multi-Cloud Multi-Data Store
Impact on Query Performance

Platform Security and Compliance

Satori undergoes strict external audits to ensure its product, services and operations meet the highest security and compliance standards.

  • ISO27001 Certified
  • SOC2 Type II Certified

Featured Integrations

Satori provides out-of-the-box support for your favorite tools.

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