Satori Expands Database Integration Options, Now Offers Full Relational Database Support with Addition of MySQL, CockroachDB and MariaDB

Satori broadens its partner portfolio to provide seamless and secure data access controls to world’s most robust data stores, empowering innovation in hyper-growth startups and enterprises

 Satori, creator of the first Universal Data Access Service for cloud-based data stores and infrastructure, today announced that it is adding support for three of the most popular relational databases – MySQL, CockroachDB and MariaDB. Users can now control access to data stored in these databases in a streamlined, secure and non-disruptive way.

“Our customers were asking for a scalable way to provide secure and frictionless access to MySQL, without slowing down innovation and hindering business growth,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO, Satori. “As new choices like CockroachDB and MariaDB see rapid adoption within the enterprise, we also saw the need to meet the growing demand for managing access to sensitive data in these databases while realizing the vision of universal data access. Now Satori customers can hook into these popular services alongside other leading data platforms including Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, without having to build such capabilities themselves.”

MySQL holds over 44% of the relational database market. MariaDB is one of the most popular community-developed open source relational databases. CockroachDB by Cockroach Labs is a distributed SQL database for cloud applications with hundreds of companies using it all over the globe. Satori is streamlining unified access to sensitive data while enhancing security across all these widely-used platforms – without requiring any changes in the data, schema or queries. 

Users can connect a MySQL, CockroachDB or MariaDB server to Satori within minutes and gain the following capabilities across all data stores: 

  • Application of universal security policies with no code or changes to data, schema or queries: Data teams can now reduce the complexity in managing usage of their growing data platform. With Satori, organizations can manage data access across thousands of data stores from a single location and apply security controls in policies rather than SQL commands to enable distributed data stewardship.
  • Management of access universally: With Satori, users can define access control workflows without any need for engineering resources, and define automated access controls without the need for approvals (only giving a business justification for accessing data). Data access can be granted temporarily and expire automatically after a specific period or when no longer in use. 
  • User and data profiling for compliant monitoring and reporting of sensitive data: Satori analyzes and controls data access in real time to provide instant visibility to sensitive data across MySQL, CockroachDB or MariaDB. Data stewards can set security policies for the sensitive data discovered, such as dynamically masking PII for all users, unless the users belong to a specific group such as HR who need access to the PII data. Satori’s rich reporting and logging capabilities include an audit trail of all data accessed across data stores by user, query or type. All data access requests and responses are also recorded, making compliance a breeze.

“The Satori DataSecOps platform is the modern solution for securing user access to CockroachDB,” said Abhinav Garg, Security & Compliance Product Manager, Cockroach Labs. “CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database designed for speed, scale and survival. By adding Satori as a security layer between users and the database, our admin users will better discover sensitive data within their CockroachDB clusters, manage access to this data, and automate access workflows in a nondisruptive, intuitive and compliant way.”

Satori support for MySQL, CockroachDB and MariaDB is available immediately. Take the new Satori CockroachDB integration for a free test drive today. The CockroachDB team will also be conducting an overview session, Securing Sensitive Data in CockroachDB for Hyper-growth, at the upcoming Data Leader Summit on April 21-22, hosted by Satori and Data Science Connect. Register here

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Satori is the developer of the first DataSecOps platform — a universal data access platform for cloud-based data stores and infrastructure, touting multiple out-of-the-box integrations with industry’s leading data stores, such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, mySQL, MariaDB, CockroachDB and Azure SQL. The solution does not require any changes to organizations’ data infrastructure or user setup, empowering data teams to apply comprehensive controls across data stores in days instead of months. Founded by former Imperva and Incapsula executives in 2019, Satori has received significant market traction, including recognition as a Top 10 Finalist at the 2021 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest. Satori’s investors include B Capital Group, Evolution Equity Partners and YL Ventures. Secure access to sensitive PII, health and financial data in minutes with Satori. Start the free test drive at


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