Satori Announces Universal Data Access for AWS Lake House Architectures at the AWS Summit Toronto

Now available in the AWS Marketplace, Satori is the first to seamlessly provide data access and security for the AWS Lake House customers

Satori, the industry’s leading provider of secure data access, today announced the general availability of its Universal Data Access Service to AWS Data Lake Infrastructure customers. Available via the AWS Marketplace, organizations using AWS Athena, the most common implementation of the data lake architecture on AWS, can now leverage Satori’s solution to deliver secure access to sensitive personal and financial information with an improved security model and user experience. By using Satori, AWS Lake House customers can significantly lower the complexity traditionally involved with implementing access controls for data across AWS Athena, Redshift and RDS.

“Currently, AWS customers need to leverage different services and security models for access controls across their data warehouse, data lake and database environments,” said Eldad Chai, CEO of Satori. “With the general availability of Satori for AWS Athena, AWS customers can work with one, comprehensive platform, leveraging a unified security model across their RedShift, RDS and Athena environments. By doing so, Satori is accelerating seamless access to data to analysts, developers and business users across departments and organizational units.” 

The only universal data access solution on the market that does not require any changes to the customers’ existing data infrastructure, the Satori Universal Data Access Service for AWS Data Lake customers features the following key capabilities:

  • Automated discovery and classification of sensitive data stored across data lakes – including PII, PHI, PCI and financial data on AWS Athena datasets, eliminating the need for scanning the underlying storage layer. As organizations adopt a data lake architecture and create peta-byte scale data lakes, understanding the types of users moving data and the data being moved is challenging to address using the conventional method of scanning all of their data.
  • Unified security model for AWS Lake House Architectures – AWS customers can now enforce a single security policy across their entire Lake House data, regardless of where the data is stored. Policies are enforced at query runtime, without duplicating datasets or creating views on top of existing datasets. The new AWS solution from Satori supports data on AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, AWS Redshift Spectrum, and AWS RDS, with support for more AWS data services, including Opensearch and DocumentDB, coming soon.
  • Seamless Support via Satori’s Data Portal – AWS Athena customers can now leverage the Satori data portal to let data consumers discover and request access to data sets without relying on long email threads or tickets.
  • Simplified permissions and temporary access credentials management for AWS Athena – Athena customers now benefit from reduced risk of over-privileged access due to misconfigured IAM policies, while eliminating the need for access management across multiple AWS services; Customers can also use Satori’s authentication engine to replace static shared AWS access keys with auto-generated temporary personal credentials.

Satori will be demoing its newest AWS solution at the AWS Summit in Toronto, booth #321. For more information on the newest Satori AWS service, visit Satori or access the Service via the AWS Marketplace.

About Satori

Satori is revolutionizing data protection and governance. Its Secure Data Access Platform seamlessly integrates into any environment to deliver complete data-flow visibility utilizing activity-based discovery and classification. The platform provides context-aware and granular data access and privacy policies across all enterprise data flows, data access and data stores. With Satori, organizations and their data teams can confidently ensure that data security, privacy and compliance are in place – enabling data-driven innovation and competitive advantage. 

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