Immuta vs. Okera?
Consider Satori

If you’re on the lookout for Immuta Alternatives or Okera Alternatives, we’d like you to consider Satori

Satori’s Data Security Platform:

  • is flexible, scalable, and implemented as an add-on to your existing technology stack
  • defines security and privacy requirements once so you can forget about them
  • automates access to data with built-in compliance and security

Trusted by the world’s best data teams

Competitive Advantages

Satori offers competitive advantages over alternatives through its centralized governance of user access rules available across a wide variety of data technologies and environments. Unrivaled data user experiences and a unique data enablement framework that saves time even at scale. 

Broad Coverage

Broad data store coverage so you can easily add more stores. Coverage includes: Snowflake, Redshift, PostgreSQL, and more. 

Personalized Data Portal

Each user gets their own Personal Data Portal, where they see all the available datasets, and can just click to get access within hours.

Frictionless Access Control

Define security and privacy requirements once and let the system automatically match new users with the right level of access.

Data Awareness

Instantly analyze data as it is accessed. Satori discovers sensitive information on-the-fly so you can act on it immediately.


Deploying Satori requires no changes to your data stores, queries or tools. You can be fully setup in days to weeks.

Flexible Cloud Computing

Identical availability as both a SaaS or Customer Hosted, resulting in full compatibility between deployments and during migrations and changes.

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Satori’s Data Security Platform

Satori decouples security, privacy and access controls from the data layer, enabling data teams to move faster. Replaces complex database permissions and policies with a simple and powerful authorization engine.

Continuously Discover and 
Protect Sensitive e-PHI Data

Satori’s automated data classification enables you to discover and classify sensitive data. Satori easily scans and discovers data in a variety of data stores, including semi-structured data like JSON. You can then automatically apply your security policies on the newly discovered sensitive data.

Data Access Workflows

Satori’s automated workflows for need-to-know and Just-In-Time access ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data and only when required. Using the self-service data access portal (with integrations to Slack, Jira, and more) your data consumers only get access to datasets based on your approval policies. The entire process, including access grants, revokes and data access, is automated and audited.

Auditing Access to Data

Satori provides detailed access and audit logs across all your data warehouses, lakes or databases. Reporting is available about access to sensitive e-PHI data.

Auditing and Controlling
Permissions Changes

Satori’s Access Manager combines and analyzes access and security controls into a single plane. You also have the ability to see who has used which access control policies and you can easily update and change access permissions.

Supported Data Stores

Satori vs the Alternatives

Satori is a true universal data access service that decouples security and privacy from the data layer and doesn’t get in your way.

Orchestration Tools
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Time to Implement
Changes to Data Model
New Data Model
New Data Model
Data Discovery and Classification
Multi-Cloud Multi-Data Store
Impact on Query Performance

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At the time of writing, both Immuta’s pricing and Okera’s pricing are not available on their website. To learn more about Satori’s pricing, set up a quick introductory meeting here.

All companies offer a demo meeting on their websites. In addition to a demo, Satori offers a test-drive experience where you can try Satori live here.

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