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Quick Start

The Access Manager view is where you create, track and monitor your organization’s user and group access to data.


Access Manager View

The Access Manager view helps you to keep track of all of your access rules. It shows the logical access rule path of user or a group, as well as the level of access and permissions the user or group has to a specific dataset. It also provides the access rule expiration date and the revocation date if the rule is not used.


Creating a New Data Access Rule

To create a new data access rule click the plus button located in the top left corner of the toolbar. There you can configure the access rule in three simple steps.


Step 1 - Adding a User and Define Privileges

  1. First, Enter or select a user or group.
  2. Select the required Access Type
  3. Set the Time Limit from the available options
  4. Choose the Access Level
  5. Finally, configure the revocation of the access rule if it is not used.

Step 2 - Selecting the Data

  1. Now select an existing dataset or create a new dataset.
  2. If you have created a new dataset, then you must select a data store and a location.

NOTE: Satori automatically creates the dataset with default configurations. To change or update these configuration settings go to the Dataset view.

Step 3 - Protect the Data

Once you have created or selected a dataset either select the Default Security Policy, select a preconfigured security policy or create a new security policy.

To create a new security policy perform the following steps:

  1. Enter a Security Policy Name.
  2. Select a Masking Profile from the list provided.
  3. Choose the relevant Data Filter and select a location.
  4. add the relevant map Values
  5. Click Save

Tweaking the Security Policies and Dynamic Masking

You can easily access, update or edit the Security Policies and the Masking Profiles for each dataset access rule by clicking on the relevant Security Policy or Masking Profile hyperlink item in the table.


NOTE; The access manager status panel displays query traffic for the last thirty days, the active data stores and datasets as well as highlighting the Satori governed traffic. The access manager status panel does not include administrative queries.

To Learn More About Security Policies

To learn more about the how to congfigure Security Policies go to the Security Policies chapter section.

To Learn More About Masking Profiles

To learn more about the how to congfigure Masking Profiles go to the Masking Profiles chapter section.