Data Classification & Discovery

Satori continuously discovers and classifies data assets and sensitive data (PII, PHI, Financial data and more) across all your databases, data warehouses and data lakes. Satori eliminates manual configuration by dynamically applying security policies when accessing data.

Data Store Discovery

Discover all data stores and combat “shadow data” or data access by teams who didn’t go through the permissions processes ensuring that all stores have the necessary access controls.

Always Know Where Sensitive Data Is!

Continuously detect sensitive data and have an updated data inventory. Dynamic mapping of sensitive data improves efficiency, reduces risk exposure, and is easier to manage.

Data Security Policies Without “Config Hell”

Set and automatically apply security policies directly on sensitive data types. Using a dynamic process that applies security policies based on the access context (data type, data ownership, data users and access purpose), significantly reducing the risk of exposure and speeding up the data access process.

Data Catalog Integration

Integrate data catalogs through continously updated data classification or by applying security policies based on the data catalog metadata. Integrated data catalogs ensure that your metadata is effectively managed and up-to-date.

Custom Data Types Discovery

In addition to our complete set of taxonomy, you can define a custom classification taxonomy including institutional-specific or localized data types that you can configure for continuous discovery.

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Solution Brief

Satori’s Data Security Platform

Satori’s comprehensive Data Security Platform eliminates the complexity of managing access to sensitive data. Using data security automation streamlines secure access to data when and where it is needed (just-in-time) while consistently ensuring security policies are applied across all data platforms.

Case Study

Securing Sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) While Powering Hyper-Growth

Satori helps Innovaccer automate access to sensitive data and implement row, role and attribute-based security policies to secure sensitive PII and PHI enabling Innovaceer to focus on productivity.

Case Study

Gong Automates Data Access Accelerating Time-to-Value Securely

Learn how Gong’s DevOps team uses Satori to control access to production data.

Ensure Your Data Classification & Inventory Is Up-To-Data

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